Design Bundles

Due to these packages being so popular, I needed to consolidate the pages in to one viewing space. These are my “Design Bundles.” Previews below showcase designer store orders. These packages are custom built based upon the needs of your store’s makeover.

The Design Bundles can consist of many types of artwork such as; custom logo design, 3d mesh logo, giftcard design, 3d mesh giftcards, texture / unpacker hud design, 3d render design, social media banners, marketplace icon & banner, 3d mesh social media buttons, vendor system graphics [ex: redelivery, store credit terminal, etc], sale flyer template, blogger flyer template etc. There is no set content types for this package. Each store is different and not everyone needs every single thing I just listed. Also, if you have something not listed in mind, we can work it in to this bundle!

As standard for all of my artwork, you will receive layered PSD files for every item inside these packages. High resolution images, in file formats JPG, alpha PNG, AI in full color and black / white combinations. Any graphic element used in creating the artwork is released, as well as the fonts used. Maya scenes and DAE files are included if Mesh is applicable, along with Ambient Occlusion Maps and textured AO’s in JPG & PSD layered files.

If you are interested in ordering a Design Bundle, please fill out my contact form. I do schedule these out, as they take approximately 5-7 business days to complete and are super popular orders.

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